Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pictures Of The Upstairs

After all this, I'm thinking my parents were really on the right track when they were considering living in yurts...
The houses we live in are so complicated! I really had no idea.
But the floors are down, the trim is on, and everything has been painted with at least one finished coat. Some of the trim in on it's second go around, and we hope to get the walls finished on Thursday.
We've had so much help from friends! Our friend Jonas spend two full days helping Tyson with the trim. That was huge! He had all the gear and the know-how and it was so so so much appreciated. And then we have our rogue band of painters. They just keep scheduling the next party as they're wrapping up the one they're on. They're all coming back Thursday after service and banging it out. And bringing food! What a wonderful organization! You know, aside from the essential spiritual food and all...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Letter From Life Down Here

Ridiculous I know, but I don't have any photos to share... for the moment. This month has been very discombobulated, but it is chug chug chugging along. The flooring has been finished upstairs, the trim is going on tomorrow, finish coat of paint Saturday and... we're done. Fire chief needs to sign off on the smoke detectors after everything is finished, so we wont be able to move anything in until next week, but that's ok. Sunday is usually a pretty tired day. I probably won't be feel like lugging a mattress and four dressers up two flights of steps anyways. Know what I mean?

Other than the house upstairs, it's been a pretty busy month down here, too. Our circuit overseer was here into November, we started the Kingdom News campaign, and Tyson and I are both pioneering. I feel like I've either been out in service, cooking for the helping workers, or in the grocery store shopping for cooking for the helping workers.

So yeah not a whole lot of creative anything going on. My sewing machine is surrounded by other exiled furniture in the basement, my kitchen has been churning out pretty standard group fare, and my sketch books haven't left the purse much. I am planning a little project of drawing different silhouettes of their choice on the kids roller shades in their bedrooms (it's looking like London wants airplanes, and surprise! Spencer wants cars). I'm thinking I'm probably just use sharpies but I'm open to other ideas...??

Hope you're all well. I'll have pictures of our painting party Saturday, maybe sooner.
Stay cool and keep warm,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Workers World

We have windows!

The lack of drafts was immediate. And with 20 degree nights lately that's been pretty welcome.
Tyson is still chipping away at the joint compound. With our circuit overseer's visit last week and both of us pioneering this month we've had pretty small snippets of time, but now that it's all insulated and window'ed it's not feeling as frantic.
^^See those two windows on the top?^^ That's Spencer's room!
This is our room. With windows! Pardon, I'm still pretty excited...
Some pictures of the farm...