Thursday, November 12, 2015

Camping with the "Pros"

Camping is something that our entire family enjoys. Having kids that are 10 years apart in age, that's a valuable thing! Finding things to do with both of them is such a challenge. They really are troopers about it, but at times I can just tell they both feel that they've gotten the short end of the stick. NOT SO WITH CAMPING!
So when our good friends, and experienced campers, Richard and Bette asked us if we would like to go camping with them the first weekend of September we said "YES, no matter what else we had planned, yes."

Bette found the Stillwater Campground in Groton, Vermont. It is an hour outside of cell-service, and it sits on the Stillwater Lake that you can see in the picture below. We had campsites next door to each other, took turns with dinners, walked to the lakes beach every day and took a six mile hike to this outlook. And everyone enjoyed all of it.
London said "This tiny tree makes me look really big!"

This really big rock makes Spencer look tiny..
First week of September, first signs fall.
We got there Friday night and stayed until Monday morning. Richard and Bette shared their tradition of going out to breakfast the last morning of a camping trip so your kitchen stays put away and the tent has a chance to dry out before you pack it up. We drove 20 minutes to the nearest breakfast spot, a classic diner attached to a truck stop. It sounds sketchy, but it was very clean and packed with locals! And they make the best cinnamon raisin bread I have ever had.

A few more campsite photos... London took this one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mutual Vacations

For the past five years whenever I've been with my immediate family only half of us have been on vacation.When I'm visiting them my Dad is still working, from home, but full-time.When they visit us Tyson is working. Plus, just being in your home environment keeps you from completely turning off and just enjoying your company.
But last week we were all on vacation at the same time, in the same place. And it was so nice. We all just drank each other in, We took walks on the beach, and sprawled in the living room. Cooked big dinners, and loaded everything into the dishwasher (a luxury for me!). We had days of nothingness, but also took a couple little jaunts. It was possibly a perfect vacation considering the number of people we had, and you know, things can get complicated. But they didn't! Thank you, guys, for all the parts that you played in a great week!

 Next few photos are the ferry ride to Ocracoke...

 Another day we walked around Manteo...

  Visiting a lighthouse in Manteo.

 And every night we got our walk on the beach...

...and some soccer. 

The eternal quest for shells... 

 London was attached to one of her Tia's (aunt in spanish) at all times

Everyone got naps.

Someone say "WHISKEY!"