Friday, September 27, 2013

An Explanation Is In Order...

... I know I know, I have gone AWOL for quite a stickin' while, now.

I've been in Pennsylvania at my grandmother's farm for a week plus while the top comes off of my house and is put back at a higher elevation aka we're putting on a full second story aka we won't be sharing a bedroom with London anymore. Cue the heavenly choir.

So London and I got out of there for the really noisy, really dirty, really cold part. We'll be gone for about another two weeks. She just started getting officially homesick. She's had some moments of acting out where I could just tell it was because she missed her routine, but the other night she was being pretty ornery at bedtime and she finally plops down the bed and says "I just want to go back to my house in New Hampshire. I want to go home..." And she started crying. I felt so awful. But I'm trying to keep her busy by going to the park here, walking to the pond, we had a bonfire and Mexican food party last night... Here's hoping the time flies!

As you can imagine, I'm not taking pictures of my home's metamorphosis but I have been shooting pictures of our adventures.

 Her "speedy motorcycle"

 London and Edyn playing with glasses...

 So at dinner time London was being picky. Edyn walks over, grabs London's fork and starts tuckin' in! I say "London, look. Edyn is eating your dinner. Maybe you should." London pats her on the back and says "Thanks Edyn..."
 On the dock at the pond...

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

General Life Update (with videos)

September is upon us. We've had one last hot muggy stretch over the weekend (along with the above peach raspberry pie) and now the nights are backing down near 50 degrees. School has started and the mornings are a little darker each day.
Some things that are different this year:
We decided to cut out the bus time altogether this year. Talked about it last year but since London still wasn't sleeping I was never sure if I would be awake enough to safely drive to the Middle School at 7:30 in the morning. This year we're giving it a try. It is the stuff that coffee addictions are made of. Get up at 6 (no matter what), start some laundry, start breakfast (no matter what), we all eat breakfast at 7 unless London is still asleep. Wake up London if needed, run to the school at 7:30(no matter what). On service days I then come back home, get ready, pack lunch, leave for service, come back around 12:30 to try to squeeze in London's nap before we leave again at 2:15 (no matter what) to pick Spencer up.
It makes the school day feel very short. But I'm trying to stop fighting that. I'm trying to just keep my perspective as "When you have young kid's it does dictate most of your life, but it wont be like that forever. Just roll with it." Those days of panic when I feel like I've completely forgotten how to finish a thought or conversation I just need to remind myself that nothing, nothing, nothing stays the
  same forever, so just try to do it well now.
I've also just started putting out a bread table every Friday morning. Last week was my first one and no one stopped, but I'm hoping that if it's consistent people will get used to it and start checking it out. So tell me; what's a fair price for a Barowsky's size of oatmeal molasses bread with no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and quality flour? I'm starting with $4... We'll see.

So during the morning London and I try to get outside swing time if we're not in service. Priorities, right? She's sleeping right now so I'll start my bread for tomorrow and vacuum everything.
Talk to you soon.