Monday, April 1, 2013

New Layout

Please bear with the changing that may be taking place. I'm trying to figure out how to get one of my own pictures on the background but it hasn't worked yet.
That, and I'm a change addict...

Spring Project - Woven Fence

 I know, I am totally beating this Spring thing to death. For some reason I've had a really hard time with the cloudy days this winter and after having a beautiful weekend today's weather was like a punch to gut. We had hale. It was frozen. At 12:30 pm it was 58 degrees and at 1:45 it was cloudy, haling, and 45 degrees!
So, for the moment, permit me to live in the past.
 Every year, I clip my lilac bushes and apple trees and end up with this neat pile of perfectly straight, flexible switches. They lie there so compliant and just begging to used for something. Then a couple years ago I saw a picture of these woven fences. I gave it a go, learned a couple things on the way, and now it's an inaugeral spring project for me every year. This weekend I finished mine and planted some early morning glories underneath. And now I will stand back and wait and wait and wait and wait (it's great practice, I'm not very good at this...) for June when I can plant something else.
As you can see, this one still needs some filling in, but hopfully by July it will be barely containing a crop of technicolor zinnias. C'mon sunshine!

Out To Ice Cream

 Tuesday night we went out to get ice cream after the memorial. This is the best ice cream and frozen custard (NOT yogurt) spot in Keene, Rick's Ice Cream. The other really great places are all about 20 minutes out of town, so Rick's is good for a quick fix. Plus, they have really fun retro decorations...
Not to be mistaken for a retro decoration...^^

Looking sleeeepy...^
 London is crazy about ice cream! Well, anything sweet. But she sits like a baby bird pointing to her open mouth while she's waiting for the next morsel.

Big brother takes good care of her.

Signing off.