Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is just an irresistable photo of London in her new bike helmet...
We've been trying to find chairs to expand the seating capacity of our living room.
We're also super cheap!
I found this great orange vinyl armchair from the sixties (it's much better in person, trust me...), but it was three hundred dollars. So I looked at new armchairs... They were three hundred dollars!

So I found two chairs at this barn of an antique shop that had hideous fabric over cushions that were in pretty good shape. Thirty dollars for two, twenty dollars for the fancy fabric, and two bolts of colored canvas that I got from Mom.. "New" chairs, $50.

I was very inspired by a visit to Sarah Carriers. She wraps bittersweet around her bannisters, makes it into wreaths, hangs it form the ceiling, and twists twinkle lights into it at every possible opportunity.

This is my take on that, as a chandelier over our table. Thanks, Sarah!