Friday, June 14, 2013

Scarlet Turnips!

 You know those days? You know those days. When food is something that has only happened by accident. You had a great idea for breakfast but didn't, you planned a relaxed lunch but couldn't, dinner is supposed to be fresh and healthy but isn't looking like it. And the last thing you remember eating was the bottom of your daughters raisin bran, using her little spoon. You know those days and oh yes you have.
Today was not one of those days! For lunch I had this amazing avocado sandwich with just enough mayo and mustard with some delicious sorrel leaves (never had sorrel?! me neither until I got it on Tuesday... can't get enough now). And London was at her grandmother's so I sat on the front porch and did while Bible reading for the day uninterrupted. With my delicious sandwich.
 Then for dinner I tried a new food. Scarlet turnips. Got them at my CSA on Tuesday. They look like the most perfect radishes, they have a wonderful crunch and a slight spice. I looked it up and decided to give this recipe a try...
 And it was great. My photos are not as artfully arranged as hers, mostly because I put alot more cheese on mine.
 But if in your summer travels you stumble upon some Scarlet turnips give them a try and let me know what you find to do with them!

Enthusiastis Eaters

It must quickly pass by, and away we fly

Rocking out in five year old body and footy pajamas
 The past two weeks London has been saying the most interesting and often very funny things as she tries her hardest to tame the English language. I keep telling myself to write them down, write them down! Everything changes so fast and once you enter the next phase/month it's as if the last phase has evaporated. Looking back at my 12 month old is like a memory of another child!
^^Check it out! A land-line!^^
 But, we've also been talking about some the things that Spencer used to say and do. And although I'm sure there are plenty of precious details that have slipped like sand it's reassuring how many little phrases we can remember. "Wanna watch me cake a bath?" "Daddy, can I try your beard(beer)?" Motorcycles were gulla-gullas, chicken nuggets were gicken-gagas and he grew all of his teeth only to look like a really bad fighter a couple years later.
Younger sister Olivia about 5 1/2 years ago.

^^Spencer in 1st grade^^
 When Tyson first took this little video we thought he looked sooo big! Now he's grown out of the sweatshirt two years ago and he wore it to the last..

On Wednesday London told our friend Becky that there was an orange "mow-lawner" in the garage.

She also asked me if she could wear my glasses to play outside.
Me : "Why do you need glasses?"
London: "To keep my nose warm"

Spencer's name is Fesser, scrambled eggs are eggys, she loves to swing to Africa on the swing Daddy made and she pets her two elephants in the yard(very large rocks).

 So, I'll share these little tidbits in hopes in that my typing it will help embed it in my memory.
Or maybe in a few years we'll be sitting at a dinner table somewhere and you can remind me...