Wednesday, April 13, 2016

9nth Anniversary - Subways, Tall Buildings, and Sharks

This February was our second time sharing our anniversary with the kids. Not that it's ever extravagant, we just usually tried to take some time to be alone. But last year we went to a science museum in Manchester and had such a great time we decided to repeat the process. London has been so into ocean creatures lately, we decided it would be a perfect time to visit the Boston aquarium. It would be London's first city trip, and let me tell you, she talked about subways and tall buildings for about a week in advance.

As we made our plans Tyson's mom, Sallie, mentioned that everyone from their family had been to the aquarium at one time or another except her! Naturally, we invited her to come along. It isn't the largest aquarium, we've been to, but it's very easy to navigate so you can really focus on looking at the tanks rather than trying to keep track of where you are and where your group is. I didn't take many pictures inside, I was too busy soaking it all in. But if I had, I would have taken waaay too many pictures of the jellyfish, the leafy sea dragons, and the sea horses. And the shark.

When we left around 2 in the afternoon it was in the mid-60's, and sunny! The last weekend of February and we were trying to shed layers! It was so nice to feel the warm sun that we took the long way back to the subways, and as we're wandering through the sunny streets of Boston, Sallie asks which street Mike's Pastry is. We stop. She's never been to Mike's Pastry, either! That had to be remedied. Oh, Mike's Pastry, Oh, the cannolis. Oh, the eclairs. Thank you, Sallie, for giving us a reason to walk to Hanover Street.

So another year, come and gone, faster than all the others, adding memories all the way!

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