Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our New Favorite Place to Walk + Some Miscellaneous Photos

 A couple of months ago i was listening to the radio and there was a piece about an old abandoned road. The man that had put the piece together said that the pavement was still there all the way up to a water fall. There was surprisingly diverse flora, rock faces and it followed a river most of the way. Then at the end he said it was in the town that we live in! But the location was a carefully guarded secret by those that like to hike it.
After some sleuthing, and putting to use my husbands collected knowledge from living here his whole life, we found! So last week the kids and I packed a lunch in the wagon and found the falls. Here's some proof. You guardians of the secret beware...

Having Fun With Bowties 

And we went to Maine the last week of May. Note the heavy-weight attire. And if you plan on beaching it in Maine, probably go some other time than May.

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  1. I loved that secret place. Thanks for taking us there.