Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prolonging the Onsie (or No-Sew Baby Shirt Alteration)

Having long skinny babies can pose some specific challenges when it comes to sizing. As anyone with a skinny baby knows, most brands cater to the butter balls. Garanimals, Cherokee, and other cheaper brands tend to run wide. Circo, Carters, and Old Navy are better, but if you get them second hand they can get a little stretched, too. This is not really big deal, and honestly having clothes a little baggy on some kids is better than having tight clothes on many.
But, you do have those days when the drawer is full of the short wide onsies that you were given, all the favorite shirts are in the wash and you wish there was some way to make these work.
So this is my experiment in "making it work"
The snaps don't fit over the diaper anymore, so just snip them off, very close to the trim.^^

Make a short slit only as high as the top of the leg trim. Remember to keep as much length as possible.^^

For an almost dolman effect you can then tie the two front tails to each other and ditto with the back. This makes a relaxed shape with a cinched bottom. This can make it very skinny around the waist so put it on your kid first and then play with it.
You can also tie a knot in the end of each tail for a kerchief bottom.
Let me know if you come up with anything else. Please.

Gotta keep these babies cool!

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