Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recycled Sweater Dress

The weather has decided to let it be November. All the leaves have been piled and are waiting to be picked up by the efficient worker-bee crew of city employees, the trees are letting in more sun than ever and my living room is full of bright golden sunshine.
But the floors are still cold.
I've baked bread, made cookies, sipped coffee, and the room is still a little drafty. AND, it is one of my biggest pet peaves when I see children that are not dressed for the weather! As if just because they're small they somehow feel less wind.
So I'm always on the hunt for more ways to keep my baby warm. Enter recycled sweaters.
I traced one of London's sundresses while lining up the necklines, leaving a little room for seams, and snipped. It was just long enough that she couldn't climb on a chair so I turned it inside out and piched about three inches at a drop waist line and stitched it up. So depending on the height of the child you could leave it sleek and waist-less, or give it a pinch.
Also, as she wore it the arm edges unraveled a bit so I'll probably have to stitch a binding over the raw-ness someday. Someday.

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