Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hot town, summer in the city

Soundtrack in my brain:
 Love you in the Fall - Paul Westerberg
Hardly Wait - The Replacements.
I think there is a subconscious message about the weather in my musical selection...
The last couple weeks, maybe a month now(?), it has been hot. How hot? Hot. 95 degrees during the day, 70 at night. And very muggy. I know this is no big deal in a lot of places, but this is New Hampshire. We also has to acclimate to -10 degrees in the winter.
So, we haven't been doing a whole of hiking or jogging, or much of anything. But yesterday morning, after a weekend of sitting at the convention and then playing inside, we had to go for a bike ride.
It was really hot, and I was only out until 10:15ish, but we had a great time. Went to the park; I had never ridden my bike there because it involves some busy roads but I was feeling brave and it went fine.
And then we came in and stayed.

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