Friday, March 22, 2013

Sketch Portfolio

In ancient Greece when someone was creative it was said that they had a genius, some kind of ethereal creature that would inhabit the walls of their creative space, helping them or guiding them in their work.
This kind of approach to the creative process lifted an enormous bulk of complicated emotions that artist nowadays carry. If someone is a genius then they have the possible stress of wondering what it would say about them should their next production be less appealing or meaningful than their last. Or perhaps it turns out very well and now they have to struggle with keeping their ego in check should lest they lose their friends.
Anyways, I didn't come up with the idea for this project on my own: I saw it in a genius of a book entitled "Improv Sewing". I loosely adapted it to fit the needs of my little artist, and am happy to say that my genius didn't let me down.
This was my first time "drawing" with the sewing machine (see bubbles and letters on front). You set the tension of the presser foot as light as it will go, or you don't engage it at all. Your stitches should be small, 1 1/2 or 2 at the biggest. Keep the needle going fairly quickly and move slowly. It's unsettling at first to have it stitching so fast without moving your fabric to match, but you get used to it and it makes the smoothest result.
Next time I will do the drawing before I attatch the inner lining(in this case the pink piece) because I can see the reverse image inside when the book isn't in. But oh well.
So next time you're feeling all Van Gogh about a creative hurdle tell your genius it's time for it to pitch in and pull it's own weight. You showed up for your bit; if it doesn't turn out the way you pictured, don't take off your ear for it.

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