Friday, April 19, 2013

Cloth Diaper Review

 We have started potty training! It's warm enough to run around inside without pants on, which helps enormously.
So I thought this might be a good time to weigh in on the cloth diaper issue. I warn those that don't give a hoot, that is the topic for this entire post.
After reading so many great reviews we went with the BumGenius brand. I haven't tried any others so this is a pretty specific opinion, but it's a complete endorsement.
I think a major factor in my ending this experience with positive feelings is that we were fully equipped. Here's what we have:
24 diapers (newborn liners, intermediate liners, outer shell cover)
2 travel wet bags with zippers
2 trash can liners
Fabric softener-free laundry detergent

Two dozen diapers was a good amount. We washed them every other night and we always had enough to get through until they were dry. Because the covers are lined with a very thin rubber it's suggested that you don't put them in the dryer regularly because the rubber can dry and split. But maybe once a month it's good to fluff the liners so that liquid doesn't run off before absorbing.

Wet bags are essential unless you never go anywhere. When we go on trips I use them to store them until it's time to do laundry and you can't smell it. Plastic shopping bags are the classic standby but the times when I did have to use them they didn't do as a good a job.

To store the dirty diapers at home we used a swing-top trash can with a rubber coated liner. it was the perfect size and we hardly ever noticed a smell.

We also found it very important to find a very natural detergent. Don't go by they're own descriptions, you need to do research. "Country Save" has no colors, scents or fabric softeners. The colors and scents can be very irritating to baby skin. And fabric softeners are extremely counter-productive because they make the fabric less absorbent.

Hope that's helpful! I totally suggest making the investment. We've spent about a third what we would have, special detergent included, and it's much healthier for your baby's skin.
And it's cute to boot!

The day she turned 1, playing with cars^^

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