Tuesday, April 19, 2016

getting out

SPRING TIME! Oh glorious air! Even though the winter wasn't as punishing as last year, it's still a coming to life when things start to green up We have been doing some intense catching up with Spencer's school work lately. That's a story for another time. But after all that intense brain-work I try to make sure we get outside, somewhere, somehow. Sometime it's just running around on the side street, other times it's driving to a trail. Here's some shots of us expending our energy in the fresh air!

Chesterfield Gorge - Chesterfield, NH

Bear's Den Natural Area - Gilsum, NH
It's difficult to see the glacial potholes because they're so high above eye level, but there are these rounded channels carved out of this boulder that course from the top down to these rounded basins.

In the darkest shadow of this picture is the largest basin. It's full of leaves and mud and looks pretty soft and squishy (cont)

(cont) Becca's and London's toes are pointed at the muckiness.
There is a rounded lip around the basin that I'm standing on while I'm talking to Becca and London on the other side. So naturally we start joking about not falling into all that yuck, I grab a stick and start poking around to see how far down the stone bottom is, and guess what! The stick disappears! Then we start thinking, oh, we really should be careful not to slip int0 this thing!

We haven't found the bear's dens yet. The trail was too wet to follow it, but I talked to my local librarian and she gave me some tips on how to get there.
Till next time!

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