Thursday, February 21, 2013

Local Business - BrewBakers

In the Keene, NH we have so many great local businesses I thought I should feature some. I decided to start with this breakfast/lunch cafe, BrewBakers, because I used to work there. It was hands down my favorite job. Ever. It's just busy enough, just cool enough with out making you uncomfortable if you forgot to wear your cool hat that day, and it serves locally roasted organic coffee and espresso.

Window Seat Doodles/Rooibos Tea

The front window seats are the most sought/fought passively over. The cafe sits half a story up from street level so you get a wonderful view of whats going on in town.
Also, the owner of the cafe originally started out by making this brick oven sourdough bread that is coveted! They use it for they're lunch sandwiches, so you need to buy a whole loaf to get a taste...
Signing off in the bathroom mirror!

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