Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Happens During Naptime - Two Dresses (with the pattern number)

^^Totally pulled a "Sound of Music" and commandeered my curtains for dress duty.
Jewelry custom made by Olivia Bernard.^^
 So our convention is this weekend! It came so fast, I cannot believe that it's almost July. But at the same time I've been looking forward to it for so long. I feel like I should have been a lot better prepared a lot earlier. But I did manage to whittle away at two dresses during the past couple weeks, and I have a pattern recommendation for you.
Sometimes no matter how well you measure and follow the lines, a pattern just doesn't come together well. Or the finished garment is supposed to measure 35" somewhere but you could swear they meant to write 25". After all the effort and time and attachment, that's quite a blow. So whenever I come across a good one I feel I should share.

I've had success with NEW LOOK, in general. They're cheap, they're usually pretty simple and the instructions are almost always spot on. SO HELPFUL. I chose this dress because it had some really clean lines, darts on the top and bottom and a seam around the waist which made it easy to customize the size. I was an 8 on the top and a 10/12 on the bottom but it came together perfectly.

I also like to choose a relatively plain pattern that I can use as a template to make a few different kinds of items. It's easy to add things like collars or buttons or a little more flare. But if those things are built into a pattern it can be confusing to try to get rid of them without leaving raw edges or figuring out which steps go where.
 Number 6184
So from me to you, if you're looking for a quick easy summer shift, I recommend this one. Let me know how it goes!

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