Friday, July 26, 2013

This week we've had a cool spell (cue heavenly choir) so we took advantage of this and went to get more blueberries. This time some friends with kids came along. There was 8 month old Millie and 3 year old Clara. They all had such a good time.

London surprised me by walked the whooole way again. Last time we hiked in the morning, this time it was after lunch, but she happily insisted on doing it herself. She walked over rocks and through some mud. Lying along the trail at one point was a fallen tree with a bunch of those little white mushrooms that look like steps. London says "Look! A mushroom piano!" And she sits next to it and 'plays' the mushroom the piano.

I thought that maybe with friends she wouldn't be as into the picking as she was on Monday but she followed my into the underbrush and climbed onto rocks to reach the good ones. She kept going "Oooo, Mommy, found bue-berras! Good ones..." She was so much fun to have around!

Spencer brought a buddy his age and after about the first quarter mile we didn't see them again until the top and even then only as blurs of red and green t-shirts while they ran after each other, green blueberries zinging through the air around them. Needless to say, no pictures of them this time...

I got to carry Millie in the backpack for a while and while we were taking a break on a big rock London climbed up next to me and ever-so-gently pet her head. Dried apricots forgotten, she continued to stroke her and tell her about the mountain we were hiking while Clara took a potty break. Then she turns to me and says with the sweetest smile and the cutest voice:
"Have mines baby someday" Me:
"You are? Do you really like babies?"
Her: "Yeah. Wrap them up. Rock them, hold them..."
It was so sweet, and Millie just looked and babbled at her the whole time. Funny to think someday we'll call them the 'same' age. A year and a half seems like such a huge difference now...

On the way down Clara got a piggyback ride which meant everyone was walking with much longer legs so we ended up hiking down just the two of us. She told me she was a zebra.
"When did you turn into a zebra?" I asked "I didn't notice that happening."
Her: " Uhhmmmm... Saturday"
Me: "Really. Let's see we were with Roger and Goia on Saturday."
Her: "Yeah. Jussdid."

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