Sunday, July 7, 2013


 Looking through my photos I'm struck with how few I have of Ty and I, just the two of us. I'm always holding the camera, leading to very predictable angles and poses. And he is not into staging at all, so I have to do it quick. But over the years I've managed to get a few. Here they are.
And if you happen to be with us, with a camera, feel free to a snap a few. I'd be grateful.
On our way to a quick-build on Friday, 6:15am

In Maine last month

 Prime Roast over the winter
 After hiking Monadnock last July
 Our first day trip since London had been born, exploring Glouster on our 5th anniversary
 About 12 hours after London was born
 Best concert: Neko Case with Paul Rigby, tiny little town hall in northern VT. It was February and the place was roasting!
 ...Reese's Peanut Butter Cups after said concert
Somewhere around our first anniversary
Our first summer(photo courtesy of SG)

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