Monday, April 7, 2014

Yellow Coat/Red Tricycle

Greetings, I hope you're all enjoying some form of spring weather! We have started hitting 50 degrees pretty consistently and it feels like we've all been half-dead since December compared to how we feel now. Once we have green leaves and grass maybe we'll start taking our happiness for granted, but at the moment we revel in it and give our minds a tumble through the sunshine whenever possible.

With the relative warmth we have spent a good deal of time out on the little dead-end road next to our house where Spencer has a basket ball hoop and London can manage some speedy riding on the smooth pavement.

I think we'll be trying a garden again this year. I drove half an hour to a CSA last year, which was fun, but now London is old enough to keep herself busy while I work in the yard and Spencer really gets into helping with the vegetables. Ahh, just the thought of summer... How about you? Do you have sketches tucked into seed catalogs, does your mind wander through rows of tomatoes while you're stopped at red-lights?

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