Saturday, July 13, 2013

Month Three Sham-free

So I am just short of three months without using any commercial shampoo. So I thought it was time for an update.

I was curious how the summer heat would go with all this sweating and all that we've been doing, but so far it's been fine, no worse! If it's been particularly sticky outside I'll give it the baking soda wash with the apple-cider vinegar rinse every other day instead of every two or three. Which is still fine. It doesn't dry it out or make it hard to work with, it's just that I've gotten used to my showers being so quick.

So here's how it's been working. I take some dry baking soda in a recycled cap into the shower. I scrub little bits into different parts of my scalp and work it in with my finger. Let is sit for a minute to absorb your extra oil and then rinse it out. Follow with a rinse of diluted apple cider vinegar and then rinse out the vinegar(your house mates will thank you).

And this leaves my hair smooth and easy to work with. I've been having a hard time being objective because my hair is at a kind of awkward growing stage (you can relive adolescents anytime with your hair!) but I'm looking forward to these funny layers growing out. My hair itself has been very healthy and shiny! I haven't been using any styling products, but I hear the baking soda is game enough to take anything out, you may just need to wash it twice for extreme cases.

So there it is! I don't foresee any reason why I would go back to buying shampoo. I'll save almost $175 over a 12 month period based on the shampoo and conditioner that I was using. And my hair is much more manageable than it ever has been.

Let me know; have you tried it? What did you think? What was/is your hair like?


  1. That is very inspiring, Cassie! I appreciate the update and a glimpse of your "how-to". What simplicity. What freedom! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pease leave me an update if you try it! I'm very curious about how different types of hair responds to this.