Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recycled Jeans - Tote Bags & Backpack (includes chocolate)

Being almost religiously cheap has it's advantages. Like the saved money... But it also has it's disadvantages. Like the piles. Piles of things that might come in handy. I have seen many cautionary tales lived out on this subject, but I couldn't part with the pile of jeans that my eleven year old boy had blown out the knees on without wearing out another inch of. Still a mystery...
But I've found that if you cut off the legs below the knee (gruesome no matter how you say it!), take out the middle seam and sew them at the raw edges you have a tube the perfect size for a tote bag! Add a bottom, handles and some pockets and you have a rugged grocery bag. Or you could put a bar of really yummy chocolate in the pocket and make a gift out of it!

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