Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend SnowStorm- Crispy French Toast, Sourdough Bread, Rustic Pear Chocolate Almond Cake

 There are so many good foodie bloggers, the last thing I want to do, even if just for my own self-esteem, is feel like I'm competing with them. But the one thing I create every day, no matter how busy, is food.
 This weekend we've been delightfully blustered by a nor-easter. We were supposed to be having friends over last night so i spent most of the day baking sourdough jalepeno cheddar bread, pear almond chocolate cake, and andoulie kale and white bean soup. And it hadn't even started snowing hard enought o be called Snowed In!
 So, this morning we woke at the liesurely time of 7am, and I made french toast. French toast always makes me think of my Dad. His always seems to turn out exactly like french toast should, but somehow I can never remember how that is.
This morning I tried an idea I had seen of crushing cereal and dipping the egged bread into the crispy bits before friying it. It had potential, but the cereal held the bread above the pan surface so that it stayed soggy. Now that I've spelled it out like that, maybe the potential was only in my mind...
Anyways, it felt good it eat while the sun was fully above the horizon without any cars on the road outside.


  1. That bread looks amazing, Cassie. And to think it's Sourdough cheddar jalapeno, oh my!

  2. Thanks! It was terrific, just like I remembered Good n Baked used to make theirs...
    A note though about adding things to the dough, it took longer to bake. Wish it had had another ten minutes more, but it was very flavorful.