Thursday, February 7, 2013

Easy-Peasy Sourdough

This bread is flabbergastingly easy to make. And if you're someone that likes good bread this could literally be a life-changer. And it has saved some friends of mine over forty dollars a month.
You can find a great video on TheStoneSoup
Some notes on variations:
She makes a very wet dough that spreads out into a thinner loaf. This gives you a lot of surface area for a good crusty bread. For sandwiches, though, I add more flour and shape it into a soft oblong loaf that stands up more is a little less pocketed with air holes.
So if you're not sure what you like I would highly recommend giving yourself license to play around with the water to flour ratio. And however you do it, it's soul-soothingly amazing hot with butter.

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