Friday, March 8, 2013

Local Business- Prime Roast

I thought I would stick with the coffee shop theme.
If my previous entry can be called a local roaster, this one is in house. If you're there on the right day you can stand and watch the roaster turning the beans as they darken from light green to the appropriate level of goodness.

Checking out her purchase. Chocolate covered blueberries!

Lounging, watching the world go by...

We usually go from the library to the comfy window seat

                                Check out these awesome hand made mugs that their using lately^^
 On either side of the shop they have all these interesting and curious coffee makers displayed.
  Yet another comfortable sitting spot

 Freshly made, smelling amazing...
 The chocolate covered fruit (not pictured, but also available, choco-covered espresso beans!)
 Local maple syrup sniffed out by my little sweet tooth
Here's an employee measuring out the raw beans. I guess I was ten minutes early for a roasting picture.
(This is also THE guy that you want making your latte.... We think his name is Ty.)

 London discovered my red chai latte. I'm not sure I like that she likes it. She drank almost half.
 More of those mugs being kept warm for the next person on top of the espresso maker.

The wall of their impressive variety. I can't drink caffeine anymore, and sometimes this takes the fun out of going to a "ahem" COFFEE shop, but between their delicious decaf and the red chai, I'm way too happy at this place.

So stop by if you're ever in Keene. Sit and be comfortable with your warm of mug of somthin' or take home some beans for someone else. Or yourself...

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