Thursday, March 7, 2013

 Ok, we'll start with the (fuzzy) black board and today's list. See the top? Ok... Now picture Tyson and I standing in front of our 30 year old washing machine last night, fingers on chins, furrowed brows. "You no longer qualify as fuctional," we told it, mercilessly. Tyson has fixed it a zillion times to keep it going and the thing has been a work horse. But after the last repair we decided we weren't going to put any more money into it.
So yesterday it stopped advancing on its own. Doing a load of laundry involves running up and down the basement stairs every few minutes to drop the lid down from a certain height with a certain amount of intensity to get the ticker-thing to move to the next step. And the dryer stopped working. Don't know when, we hardly ever use it, but I opened it yesterday to dry some sheets and the light was off. "Hmm, the bulb must have blown." Nope, wont turn on. Also 30 years old.
So what's next on the list? Bathroom... Looks like we're goin' to the library, kid!

Her new favorite word: "Bizzy" Say it out loud.

Best children's section!


I couldn't find her for a minute, then walked around a corner and here she was. "Bizzy. Drink." Logical.
p.s. I did clean the bathroom before I sat down to write...
xo Cass

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