Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pizza Of The Week - Carmalized Fennel w/ Feta and Garlic Oil

Usually a sore throat is a precursor. At least for me, a sore throat lasts about a day and then the rest of the cold hits. But since Sunday I've felt like a very poorly trained sword-swallower.
I've stayed away from sugar; I've skipped by nightly raisin-bran with milk (ack! just thinking about milk makes me phlegmy!), and I haven't had cheese on my avocado sandwiches. And today was a little better.
But I read about caramelized fennel after I got some at the CSA this week and I was so psyched about putting this on pizza that I couldn't wait. I made it, and ate it, with gusto. Will I pay tomorrow? Probably. 
Every summer I get so excited about buying fennel. It looks elegant, smells delicious, and promises so many unique dishes with it's particular licorice flavor. And then I can't figure out what to do with it. Potato au Gratin with Fennel it great, but who want to have the oven of for an hour and half in July?
So this was an enticing prospect. And it delivered.

It was amazing!

So if youre looking for something to do with fennel I highly recommend caramelizing it. You could serve it as a side dish, put it on toast, in a risotto, or... on pizza.
Or find something else to do with it. Do share!

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